A Palindrome Encounter

On May 24, 2016 I looked at the time in the evening and it was 5:45. Ah, a palindrome! I thought. (Looking at it as a number/sequence of digits rather than a sequence of characters.) The next time I looked at the time it was 6:56. Also, you’ll notice, a palindrome.

A connection between these two palindromes: the absolute difference between the unique digits of both these palindromes is 1 (|5-4|=|6-5|). One just so happens to be the unique digit(s) making up the palindrome 11, which is also the sum of the unique digits of the latter palindrome (6+5). The sum of the unique digits of the first palindrome is 9 (5+4), which is also a palindrome, if trivial.

Ahhhh, life!

p.s. I remembered the date as being May 24 because, where I live, we write that date as 5/24 (month/day). Perhaps it would have been fitting to have this observation on 5/25, thereby bagging another palindrome. However, May 24th is one day away from May 25, which is even more fitting. (In that same sense, May 26th would have pleased me too.)

p.p.s. I suppose this breaks down a little if you live your life on a 24hr clock… which seems to be quite common.